FitLight Trainer in Delray Beach FL


At the Delray Center for Brain Science, we are continually searching for new ways to improve the cognitive abilities of our clients. Many of our clients struggling with mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, also suffer from symptoms like memory loss, poor concentration, and other issues with cognition. As a result, DCBS has developed a suite of services for cognition-based mental health improvement, including our FitLight training program for cognitive neuro-enhancement.


The FitLight Trainer™ is a flexible wireless training system that can be adapted and configured for any sport and many healthcare applications, with the goal of improving hand/eye co-ordination, agility, strength and conditioning, and controlled rehabilitation from injuries. The system involves a series of lights that flash on and then are deactivated by either touching or covering them. The amount of time it takes to deactivate them is measured and calculated as a reaction time. Myriad combinations of light patterns and spatial orientations can be used to test and train reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Results can be quantified and subsequently analyzed. This type of training is frequently used with professional athletes and is used extensively at Speedlab, the professional athletics subsidiary of the Delray Center. This is one example of “trickle down” technology that originated in professional sports and was later found to have applications in depression treatment and enhancing brain performance. FitLight training can improve fine motor control & coordination, increase movement & mobility, monitor movement capabilities, and establish baseline norms to track progression of performance and motivate further improvement.


At the Delray Center, we have developed unique treatment protocols that combine our FitLight Trainer™ system with our Deep TMS program in order to maximize neuro-enhancement. The Executive Neuro-Enhancement program at the Delray Center is great not only for those suffering from depression or anxiety, but for anyone looking for improvement of mood and mental performance. Cognitive neuro-enhancement is a great way to naturally combat stress and the mental effects of the aging process. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation, to see if neuro-enhancement is right for you.